Can Serif Mekik
PhD Candidate
Cognitive Architecture Lab
Department of Cognitive Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY, USA)

I am interested interested in how people think, behave, and learn. I use cognitive architectures to develop computational models of these processes.

My current research focus is on modeling human response processes in psychometric tasks, reasoning and relational thinking, cognitive architectures, and the foundations of cognitive science.

My PhD is on developing a detailed computational cognitive model of Raven’s Matrices using the Clarion cognitive architecture. I am the creator and maintainer of pyClarion, an open-source python library for the Clarion cognitive architecture.

Prior to starting my PhD, I completed an honours bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto in Mathematics and Cognitive Science with a Minor in Computer Science, and obtained a master’s degree in Cognitive Science from Carleton University.